Check out our campaigns to help children in need, help us to improve their lives.


Serve with us to help homeless people and childs in the street. Together, we can make it happen


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Angels of the Street
Help for Children

Angels of the street believe that still is an opportunity to help them, give a piece of hope special children.  Angels will provide for them school medicines, cloths, and place to live until they graduate and can run by themselves, also provide jobs or homeless community.

The truth is: homeless is a huge problem anywhere in the world, but it’s not always easy to see. Part of them are in the united states of America, in a country known for its wealth and prosperity, million Americans struggle to find their next meal.

The face of hunger has changed. No longer is it just the homeless man on the street reaching out for a helping hand, but every day millions of people are struggling to feed their families. no one is a stranger to the economic hardships of today.

What we do?

As you may aware, thousands of people are currently living on the street. unfortunately, many of those people are women, seniors, and children. Everyone will see where donations were implemented and service will be providing.

The next services are possible using the profits for our campaings.

Angels of the Street Mobil Truck

God has gave us this vision to create this project, a vehicle with dignity and pride will be restored to those who have given up hope by providing showers facilities, hair cutting, job opportunities, and medical screening for children, and a place to live, angels of the street will empower those who cannot help themselves.


Build well-equipped schools to help children living on the streets. We will use donations and profits to build schools.


One of our goals is to help the majority of children on the streets and one way to achieve this is to build orphanages.


The Mailtruck that we sell and we use the profits for help homeless people.


Build dignified houses with furniture for homless people.


We make a Suburb with all services and help the most homeless people

Our Mission

Bring empowerment to those in desperate need

Take most of homeless out from the street

Support people and children in need with their situation so that they can get off the streets

Give Job to the Homeless

Carry out the search for job interviews so that people can improve themselves and move on with their lives.

Help children living in the streets

Help children living on the streets, we will support them until they grow up and can fend for themselves

Home for Homeless

We want to provide a home to people in need, so that they can have a better life  with the possibility of improving themselves.

Cloths and Medicines for Homeless

Provide medicines for diseases they may have following treatments, new and clean clothes to support them.

Provide a school opportunity

Give education to children living in the streets and homeles people.

Future Education Account

Angels of the Street will open a Bank Account to donate a percentage of any new project products that we will sell and will be divided into one or as many children you may have in the School.
Parents cannot withdraw any money from children Accounts, will be only the children beneficiary when he or she gets 18 years old.

Become a Volunteer

Your contribution will help angels of the street to develop a unique system to reach those people in need.

Recent Causes

Causes we currently focus on

Help us to bring empowerment to those in desperate need.




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